我是資深的電腦資訊從業員,曾於 Motorola 及 Philips 等跨國大型公司管理層工作十多年,具各類ERP資源管理系統及其它應用系統經驗,如QAD之MFG/PRO、SAP、Ufida(用友)、Kingdee(金蝶)、Microsoft's Dynamic、Wonderware's In-Track (SFC)、Webplan (SCM)、Hyperion (business intelligence)、Informatics (Data Warehouse)...等等。另外,我精於廠房車間之電腦資訊運作,擁有 CISSP 及 ITIL 認證,能提供日常資訊運作之檢測及審查,以提高操作效率。 本人誠意為各類大中小型廠房提供資訊審計、支援及意見,歡迎聯絡,電郵為




我想很多人會對"香港股票價位的歷史數據"有興趣,我已下載成Microsoft Access database version 2000 的文檔,資料由2008/1/1至2009/12/2,zip壓縮後也有11M,若索取請留你的PM我 。




New Job Plan in Year 2019

Year of Dog has already gone, and Year of Pig is running.

In year 2019, my company will still be in difficulty stage. Because of trade war between China and US, my company is spreading blood. If trade tax further increases, my company will loss more and may shutdown the operation in China. Actually, our company is planning and is going to outsource more operation to other parties, and reduce staff in China and Hong Kong.

As my risk plan on career, I took several courses last year. I got PMP cert last year, but I did not find it could help me to find another job. I think I will leave IT field if I am layoff from current company. I have another plan, and I got several craniosacral therapist cert last year. I will develop my career to do massage work. Hope it is suitable to me.

Good Luck to everyone in Year of Pig.