我是資深的電腦資訊從業員,曾於 Motorola 及 Philips 等跨國大型公司管理層工作十多年,具各類ERP資源管理系統及其它應用系統經驗,如QAD之MFG/PRO、SAP、Ufida(用友)、Kingdee(金蝶)、Microsoft's Dynamic、Wonderware's In-Track (SFC)、Webplan (SCM)、Hyperion (business intelligence)、Informatics (Data Warehouse)...等等。另外,我精於廠房車間之電腦資訊運作,擁有 CISSP 及 ITIL 認證,能提供日常資訊運作之檢測及審查,以提高操作效率。 本人誠意為各類大中小型廠房提供資訊審計、支援及意見,歡迎聯絡,電郵為




我想很多人會對"香港股票價位的歷史數據"有興趣,我已下載成Microsoft Access database version 2000 的文檔,資料由2008/1/1至2009/12/2,zip壓縮後也有11M,若索取請留你的PM我 。




My Web Learning History

Although I have worked in IT field for many years, I did not like to use the most advance stuff because I was too mean to spend on that expensive new technology stuff; so, I was not an actual IT guy. However, I was an expert on a specific IT area, which was ERP business application implementation.

Besides, I knew a bit on web. I started to use and to develop my web knowledge in year 1999. Let's summarize my web development experience as below:
1) I developed my first web page in year 1999 for my wedding as link:
2) I studied the mobile messaging function (SMS, MMS, java and asp) in year 2004:
3) I studied the php programming in year 2005:
4) I studied xoops content management software in year 2006,
4.1) xoops on IIS:
4.2) xoops on Apache:
5) I started to write my first blog in year 2007 as:
6) In year 2008, I started to learn Microsoft VisioStudio and Dreamswear for web site development.

I kept all my web sites under my own machine which is not always online; so, if anyone want to browse them, pls send me an email to open.